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A Law Firm Dedicated to Your Family and Your Rights

A Law Firm Dedicated to Your Family and Your Rights

DFG Legal is honored to have been featured by one of the most credible publications in the world, the APAC Insider. Below is a copy of the wonderful article originally posted on this link.

DFG Legal WA is a family law firm committed to finding the best resolution to their client’s legal matters, regardless of complexity or difficulty. In September, the firm were recognised among the winners of the APAC Legal Awards programme as the Best Family Law Firm in Perth. We took a closed look at the firm to see how they have achieved outstanding success in the competitive arena.

Client-centricity has defined DFG Legal’s work from the very beginning. They understand, fundamentally, that clients don’t want to seek out legal aid, and every client that steps over their threshold has done so because they need help.

Legal disputes are stressful and difficult under any normal circumstances, but perhaps more so when it comes to family affairs. In this, DFG have an approach that is designed by compassion and trust, ensuring that the client knows – from the very beginning – that they are in safe hands. With over thirty years’ experience across DFG’s expert team, they can guarantee that, no matter the issue, they will fight in their client’s corner, representing their best interest at all times.

Experience, passion and peerless results form the cornerstone of DFG’s work, each one helping to forge the other. Unlike many firms, DFG aren’t singularly focused on the end goal – that is to say, that they aim for the entire experience, from initial consultation through to conclusion to be seamless. Their client testimonials speak volumes about the strength of this approach: at the end of the day, DFG aims to create long-lasting partnerships with their clients, working to exceed expectations in every facet of their business.

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Though they are most renowned for their work in the family law sphere, it would remiss to not mention DFG’s work in other fields, namely commercial and employment law. In these areas, the firm enjoy a reputation for executing carefully considered strategies that secure success, whether you are an employee, employer or business owner.

For all these and many more reasons besides, DFG Legal WA was named as the Best Family Law Firm in Perth –  a title that they have earned through hard work, compassion, expertise and a dedication to protecting their client’s best interest.

Company: DFG Legal WA
Telephone: +61 (0) 8 9367 3331

APAC/Issue 12 2018

Thank you, APAC Insider!


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