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Are you new to seeking legal advice?

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Are you new to seeking legal advice?

People who are consulting lawyers for the first time may find the process extremely overwhelming, intimidating and stressful. They are facing some hard decisions and uncertainties to start with and to some people, seeking legal counsel could be viewed as the last resort, the only recourse left after trying and failing to resolve things on their own.

If it is your first time seeking legal advice, make sure that you consult qualified lawyers with the relevant expertise and experience. The decision is not always straightforward as some cases may cover different areas of law. For example, a divorce proceeding may require not only a divorce lawyer but also the expertise of a property lawyer (or someone experienced in both areas) to handle the financial aspect of the settlement efficiently.

Are you uncertain about what kind of lawyer to consult? At DFG Legal we are experienced in the different areas of law which allows us to take a broader perspective of your case and identify what kind of lawyer and representation you need.

Here are some examples of the type of lawyers and what they do:

Commercial Lawyers

Commercial law covers many aspects of the law including dealing with business sales and acquisitions. If you are about to start a company or go into a partnership, you’ll need commercial lawyers to guide you in completing your legal requirements, making sure that your papers are in order and your contracts are legally binding. The expertise of commercial lawyers is crucial in mergers and acquisitions, purchase or sale of businesses or business properties and other business transactions and negotiations.

If you require commercial lawyers in Perth, DFG Legal is ready to offer advice at every stage of your business venture from incorporation and contract preparation and negotiation to business liquidation.

Employment Lawyers

Employment Law covers everything related to workplace disputes such as wrongful termination, and unemployment compensation. The employment lawyer usually handles settlement between the company and the employee. In addition, employment lawyers can also give legal advice when it comes to drafting contracts between companies or negotiating contracts between the employer and employees.

If you require employment lawyers in Perth, Damian Gordon, our Principal, and the whole DFG Legal team has excellent experience in employment law especially in legal relations between an employer and an employee. We have experience in dealing with employment issues from unfair dismissals and termination of employment to workplace investigations.

Family Lawyer

A family lawyer takes charge of settling any legal issues that involve family members’ disputes, separations, property and financial negotiations and child-related matter. Family lawyers can help in dealing with concerns over the safety and welfare of the children during and after separation and in settling property disputes between husbands and wives getting a divorce as well as de facto relationships.

Knowing your issues and the specific areas you need help with will determine what kind of lawyer or lawyers to find. DFG Legal has experienced Commercial Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers and Property Lawyers who can go on this journey with you. At DFG Legal, we do our best to make things simpler and less stressful for you and your family.

DFG Legal provides advice and representation to individuals, families, businesses and government organisations throughout Perth suburbs with offices in South Perth, Mandurah and Armadale. Get in touch with DFG Legal on 08 9367 3331 or email us at to book a consultation.


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