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Calling In The Lawyers

Calling In The Lawyers

For 30 years of practice I have never heard someone say, “I want to be in this litigation.” It is always, “what else can I do? The other side is unreasonable.”

Calling in the lawyers is not about setting the parties against each other.

Now that your laughter has subsided; I ask you to embrace what benefit a lawyer is able to bring to your situation. Lawyers should be about solving problems for their clients. Clients usually want to continue the commercial relationship but, the impediments of mistrust and anger causes clients to become cemented in their ways. Equally, at the end of a successful mediation you hear people remark, “well I did think that would settle.”

All organisations and people want to have input into resolving the dispute. No one wants to put all of their eggs in one basket (the trial or the appeal). Litigation is about understanding your position. Ascertain your position and the reasons why this situation occurred often is found from the other side’s paperwork.

Litigation is about a journey.

How often do you start a journey without knowing how far you have to go, how much food and fuel you will need and what clothing is required? Are you able to exit from your journey if you wish to? These questions are just as relevant in litigation.

What are my prospects of success?

What are the real issues in the case?

What plan do we have to try and resolve the issues?

What is the price to achieve this?

Do not be afraid of being in a dispute. As people living with others, we naturally are going to have to deal with disputes in our lives. It is how we handle these times that allows us to enjoy our life.

A good lawyer allows you to understand why and how you are in the situation you are in.

A good lawyer allows you to be guided out of the maze and uncertainty.

A good lawyer is there to advise you honestly, not merely to do your bidding.


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