Mediation Services

Our DFG Legal Mediation Team comprises our Principal, Damian Gordon, with over 27 years’ experience in mediation and more than 36 years of Legal experience, and Sarah Johnson, a nationally accredited mediator with years of experience

Removing Duty For Family Court Orders

Transfer Property Divorce

Parties to the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship may make a financial agreement under family law legislation to transfer property between the parties. A transfer of land made in accordance with such a financial agreement is charged with nominal duty of $20. Currently, nominal duty applies to Family Court Orders following the […]

Adjusting Property Concessions

Adjusting the residential or business property concession. A separate concessional rate of duty applies to transactions involving residential land used as a principal place of residence or business property where the transaction is valued at less than $200,000. Currently, the residential rate of duty provides a greater benefit than the concessional rate that otherwise applies […]

New Mandurah Office

Mandurah Lawyers

We are very excited to announce the opening of our third office in Mandurah in February 2022.

This will provide us even more opportunity to offer valuable legal services to the Peel Area


Legal Settlement Agents

DFG Legal has their own on-site settlement agent with over 40 years’ experience in all areas of settlements.
These include Property. Commercial, Related Parties, Court orders and Property Development.

Do I Need A Commercial Lawyer?

commercial law perth

Getting legal help for personal or commercial concerns is a crucial step in overcoming obstacles, rising above the situation and making sure that you know your rights.

Are you new to seeking legal advice?

legal issues perth

People who are consulting lawyers for the first time may find the process extremely overwhelming, intimidating and stressful. They are facing some hard decisions and uncertainties to start with

Calling In The Lawyers

For 30 years of practice I have never heard someone say, “I want to be in this litigation.” It is always, “what else can I do? The other side is unreasonable.”