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Do I Need A Commercial Lawyer?

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Do I Need A Commercial Lawyer?

Getting legal help for personal or commercial concerns is a crucial step in overcoming obstacles, rising above the situation and making sure that you know your rights. For businesses or individuals going through commercial undertakings such as starting a new business, getting legal help through consultation with commercial lawyers is a must!

All businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises, and individuals wanting to start a new business need commercial lawyers to ensure that they comply with all the legal essentials for business. From preparing Articles of Incorporation and by-laws, drafting partnership and employment contracts and agreements to negotiating business deals; a commercial lawyer can help to make sure that arrangements are valid and legal.

When should you use a Commercial Lawyer?

Starting a new business can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to filing the necessary paperwork, applying for the permits and getting licensed. Various factors play in creating a new business, but the legal aspect is one of the most important ones. Our team at DFG Legal can assist you with all the requirements of setting up a new business such as having an Australian Business Number (ABN) and a Tax File Number (TFN) along with registering your business to the Goods and Services Tax (GST). When starting a business in a local community, make sure to get a local lawyer who knows all about the requirements you must complete to start the business along with all the important local policies you need to abide by such as knowing the laws of the environment and your legal obligations as a business.

Drafting a contract requires legal participation, especially since the contract is a binding document, and all agreements are accounted for. First and foremost, a commercial lawyer can help you understand the contract andwork with you on drafting the conditions. DFG Legal can help you set the limitations as well as list the necessities that are required of all parties involved. Aside from that, if you are going through a new agreement or a business partnership, you’ll again need a commercial lawyer to review the contract that the other party has given to ensure that you understand the set terms and limitations and so that you can make amendments before signing the deal. Also, drafting and closing contracts do not only include business dealings with a partner company or the likes, but it also involves all business acquisitions such as buying, renting or leasing a property, or taking over a new business.

Businesses aren’t the only ones that require commercial lawyers. Even individuals who are leasing, renting or purchasing a property will need a commercial lawyer. The commercial lawyer together with the family lawyer can help settle the transfer of properties from family members. The lawyers can also help facilitate the sale of the property if the family members decided to get straight profit rather than divide the property between individuals. Aside from leasing, purchasing or receiving a property, a commercial lawyer can also assist in dealing with all kinds of business assets whether they are physical properties or liquid assets.  The team at DFG Legal can help you safeguard your personal and business assets through discretionary or unit trusts as well as through the Power of Attorney and biding Wills.

Commercial lawyers can work with you to settle questions on land tax, capital gains tax and GST, along with other tax-related issues that a company should handle properly to prevent discrepancies in the future. DFG Legal can help make sure that all tax-related aspects of your business are accounted for and guide you through the process of filing the necessary paperwork especially if you are importing and exporting goods and services. Aside from that, the commercial lawyer can also work with your accountant, especially when you are dealing with specific issues and faced with charges such as that of violating Intellectual Property Rights.

Aside from the above legal issues, a commercial lawyer is also needed for cases such as commercial litigation, partnership disagreements, debt recovery, business franchising and more.

At DFG Legal we have experience in dealing with a variety of business, commerce, merchandising, and sales issues. Our solicitors have worked with a wide range of businesses needing assistance with their official company policies and legal situations, so you can rest assured we can assist you with these matters, too.

Damian Gordon, our Principal, has given numerous seminars to colleagues on behalf of LegalWise, the Law Society of Queensland and the Law Society of the Northern Territory.  He has acted for both public and private sector insurers concerning both commercial insurance matters and personal injury. Damian also has a keen interest in employer and employee relationships and the interaction of that relationship.

DFG Legal provides advice and representation to individuals, families, businesses and government organisations throughout Perth suburbs. Get in touch with DFG Legal on 08 9367 3331 or email us at to book a consultation. You can also visit us in our offices in South Perth, Mandurah and Armadale.


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