Family Lawyer Perth

Committed To Protecting Your Family’s Rights

Committed to protecting your family's rights
Don't let your legal issue become your financial problem
3 Convenient Locations
Perth (Como), Mandurah and Armadale.
Committed to protecting your family's rights
Don't let your legal issue become your financial problem
3 Convenient Locations
Perth (Como), Mandurah and Armadale.
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Legal Services

DFG Legal can assist you with any legal matter. We recognise that going through a legal issue can be difficult, so we use our expertise, resources and professional judgement to ensure that you’ll have hassle-free consultations and receive the best representation possible for your particular situation.
Commercial Law

This comprises all sorts of commercial laws applying the rights, relations and conducts of people involved in businesses, commerce, merchandising, sales, and more. DFG Legal will properly seek your instructions, study your case and execute the best strategy that gives you the best outcome while protecting your rights. Our associates have worked with a wide range of business industries needing assistance with their official company policies and legal situations, so you can rest assured we can assist you with these matters, too.


DFG Legal has their own on-site settlement agent with over 40 years’ experience in all areas of settlements. These include Property. Commercial, Related Parties, Court orders and Property Development. Any legal issues regarding settlements will be referred to our Legal Team. We pride ourselves on being competitive in the Settlement Industry and ensure your settlement process is attended to with maximum efficiency and professionalism.


DFG Legal can handle probate as we understand that it can be very difficult to navigate all of the requirements that can follow the death of a loved one. An application needs to be made to the Supreme Court of Western Australia for a grant of probate or administration. This is a legal document that allows the executor or administrator to deal with the financials of the deceased and to distribute the estate. DFG Legal can assist if there is a problem with the Will or if there is uncertainty or if there is a dispute.


DFG Legal understands the importance of mediation in an attempt to alleviate the need to go through the tiring and stressful process and expense of going to court. At DFG Legal, we help you identify your options, look at the best solutions for your situation and try to reach a resolution to your matter. When mediating parties, DFG Legal performs an in-depth examination of the case and maintains an unbiased, professional approach to reach a settlement that is equally advantageous to all parties involved.

Criminal Compensation

Did you know that you can apply for criminal compensation if you were injured because of a crime? Even though the offender is still at large or has no ability to pay, you can still pursue and eventually collect your criminal injuries compensation payout. In getting through this process, DFG Legal can provide legal representation in your personal injury claim. You simply need to be transparent with us and work with us towards achieving the right amount of compensation for your claim.

Family Law

This area of law concerns legal issues involving family relationships, such as a child related issues, property settlements, divorce applications, and consent orders. Getting legal advice about a family issue is a bit more personal as it involves relationships and histories. That’s why, as your reliable and affordable family lawyer in Perth, we make it a point to fully understand where you’re coming from and approach the issue with proper care and guidance. We do our best to make things simpler and less stressful for you and your family in any given family law issue.

Wills & Estates

DFG Legal provides a full range of services in relation to the preparation of your will, providing advice on your Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Guardianship and Advanced Health Directive. We can also advise you in relation to blended families and how this may impact on any potential disputes that could arise in relation to your will. Drawing from decades of experience in this particular matter, DFG Legal guarantees full support no matter how sensitive your requirements may be.

Elder law

This area of law deals with legal matters concerning our elders. DFG Legal are not just knowledgeable about Elder Law in general, but also competent in specific cases including arrangements for care, retirement, social security, protection against elder abuse (physical, emotional and financial), estate planning, wills and trusts. No matter where you are in Perth, you can be confident knowing that you have DFG Legal to compassionately take care of your legal matters.

Solicitor Certificate

A solicitor’s certificate is a legal requirement in Perth that should be obtained by guarantors before they are allowed to apply for a loan or guarantee a loan. It is a certification proving that a lawyer has provided independent legal advice to you with regards to a loan or a guarantee. This is also one of the services that DFG Legal offers. Getting a solicitor’s certificate means that a lawyer has guided you and made you aware of all the legal information that you need to learn before agreeing to be a loan guarantor.

Workers Compensation

If you have a work-related injury or serious illness, we will help you defend your right to compensation by carefully studying your case, taking care of all the necessary documents and properly coordinating with all parties involved. If an unfortunate accident happened to you while at work, it would be best to report the incident right after it happened and see a doctor to have your injury checked. A medical certificate is a very important document for a workers compensation claim. DFG Legal will gladly assist you with the rest.

Criminal law

DFG Legal are experienced advocates in all areas of criminal law including assault based offences, restraining orders, sexual offences, traffic matters, drug related charges and property offences. We are committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients. Our experienced team appear in all jurisdictions, Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court. With over 30 years’ experience in criminal trials, our in house Counsel, Mr Damian Gordon, will ensure we are the right people to help you with your criminal matter.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce is no joke. All parties involved in the process may be going through one of the hardest times the family has been through, and we sincerely acknowledge that. As Perth’s trusted family lawyers, we take all divorce and separation cases with utmost devotion and professionalism. When you entrust your divorce matters to us, you have our full commitment. A relationship that has come to an end may be a difficult thing to go through but we are here to make the legal matters a bit easier for both parties.

Employment Law

This is a very wide area of law in which Damian Gordon, our Principal, has had great experience and interest in. In simple terms, this involves the legal relations between an employer and an employee, including Employee Issues, Unfair Dismissal Claims, Termination of Employment and Workplace Investigations. Whether you are an employee or an employer, DFG Legal is here to protect you and your rights. You can rely on us to settle your employment matters efficiently.

State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) Matters

The SAT is an independent organisation that makes and evaluates a wide range of administrative decisions. They aim to make legal processes more efficient and flexible to different parties. Not all law firms in Perth possess the expertise in SAT matters, and DFG Legal is proud to have relevant experience in this area. SAT covers Guardianship and Administration, Strata Titles, Building Disputes, Local Government Decisions, Land Valuation and Tax.