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Legal Settlement Agents


Did you know that DFG Legal can help you with all your settlement needs.

DFG Legal has their own on-site settlement agent with over 40 years’ experience in all areas of settlements.

These include Property, Commercial, Related Parties, Court orders and Property Development.
We pride ourselves on being competitive in the Settlement Industry and ensure your settlement process is attended to with maximum efficiency and professionalism.

Remy Rowen is available on to make your settlement dealings as smooth and efficient as possible.


job opportunities

Looking for a Change?

We are happy to chat about employment opportunities; whether your strengths are in Administrative work, Conveyancing, or as a Solicitor, we want to hear from you.
With offices in 3 locations…

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Legal Mediators Perth

Mediation Services

Our DFG Legal Mediation Team comprises our Principal, Damian Gordon, with over 27 years’ experience in mediation and more than 36 years of Legal experience, and Sarah Johnson, a nationally accredited mediator with years of experience

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